Scratched even the smallest pimple you damage the skin. The skin performs a protective function in the body. Damaging it, you will open the gate for infection. If it is wrong to squeeze the acne, the pus will come out of it not completely, and are distributed horizontally under the skin. Further it can spread throughout the body along with blood.Squeezing pimples can cause a serious inflammatory process. Often people pressed pimples on the face. Scratched acne in the eye, one girl has severely impaired vision because the inflammation has moved to the eye itself. If you are not scared by the news of a possible inflammation, you may experience other ways to get rid of this habit.
Try to find some replacement bad habit. Take a packaging film with air bubbles and try to scratch it. You will perform an action similar to squeezing pimples, but your skin will not be damaged and you will not harm his own body.
To unlearn to press the pimples, it is recommended not to touch the area of the body where you used to press the pimples, and not to consider it in search of another acne. If you usually pick the pimples on his forehead, seldom look in the mirror and do not touch the face that you have not had an overwhelming desire to squeeze out even one little pimplesK.
The best way to stop having squeezing pimples is to go to the beautician and treat your skin.
You must follow the food, the cleanliness of the skin, to make treatment mask and RUB the problem area with the decoction of certain herbs, for example chamomile.