Before you open a beer, walk to the institutions of future competitors and to analyze what you like and what not. This way you will be able to take all the best and not to make their mistakes.
It is also important to remember that beer consumption has long gone beyond the get-togethers with friends anywhere in the yard or at the cottage. Beer is drunk all - the poor and quite wealthy people. Before you open a beer, decide to whom you open it. Then it would be easier to define and the future of beer: can open and inexpensive place in the metro, and you can elite a pub somewhere in a prestigious residential area. Also from the contingent depends on the range for use as a pub is no place for cheap bottled beer that you can buy in any tent.
The mechanism of opening a beer is a little different from the mechanism of opening a cafe: you are registering as an individual entrepreneur or open a company, find and rent a room, get all the permits, make necessary repairs to the premises, negotiate with suppliers, actually, beer and other products and equipment, we are looking for staff. It's a good idea to include beer in its own brewery - brewed beer is popular.
Beer in Moscow, a lot, so don't forget about advertising. To attract customers in a beer can bright sign writing on the pavement (by the way, are extremely cheap and popular form of advertising). You can distribute flyers to advertise beer on the Internet. However, the best and most effective way of attracting customers is certainly word of mouth: if your beer will appeal to the first customers, they will surely bring to you their friends.
If you doubt that you can come up with the concept of a beer that would be popular, you can buy a franchise of an existing beer. As a rule, in this case, you will discover already familiar to consumers, the institution, and the cost of advertising and attraction of clients will be minimal.