You will need
  • Whatman, gouache, pencils, markers, photographs, colour paper, tapes, cloth, grains and other materials to create texture.
Decide the theme of your newspaper. If the paper is intended for the consecration of scientific achievements, simply stating the facts, when making it would be appropriate to use photos of the winners (awards and image associative images related to scientific achievement or a victory).
Use the handy tools for the design of the wall newspaper. For example, for variety, you can make the texture of the newspaper. Use of cereals (semolina, couscous and other improvised means): apply on drawing paper glue, finishing in the desired area, and pour the grits on top of the glue. Let the glue dry. After, out the excesses of cereals from Whatman.
Think of your paper original (catchy) name and creative book him. To do this, take a stencil or draw on colored paper models of your letters and cut neatly jumping out of colored paper or fabric. If this idea seems too tedious, make the title of the newspaper, drawing the name gouache or markers (crayons).
Use for processing paperand various ribbon, decorative rope, cloth. Such materials will help to create a unique style of your future newspaper. You can use fabrics (e.g., satin or lace), glued to the back side of the paperand change (rounded) shape the paperand to set the right mood in your newspaper. So, lace adds a romantic, conventional mesh - extravagance, originality.