You will need
  • pruner or lopper, thick work gloves.
In late summer (after harvest) otplodonosivshih shoots of raspberry cut with a sharp pruner, possibly leaving stumps. These stems burn, to avoid spreading diseases and pests. By such clearing of the plantation, you will create more favorable conditions (better illumination) for the growth of young shoots.
In early spring, once the buds on the stems of raspberry touched in growth, cut shears the tops podmerzshie shoots up to a strong healthy kidneys. Even if all the upper buds are alive, the top flight is necessary to trim because the buds are poorly developed and give inferior yields.
Summer browse and ration the number of young shoots on the Bush. Remove all weak, twisted, broken and diseased offspring. Leave young shoots on the Bush not more than 10 pieces. If the plantation is old and raspberry overly thickened, it is better to leave young stems even fewer (3-4 pieces).
If pobegoobrazovatelnost ability of raspberry bushes and low light plants enough, then in early July, the non-bearing stems can be pinched. For this purpose shears, cut the top of the shoot, when it will reach a height of 1.2 m. This will cause the awakening of the kidneys and by September on the stem will grow additional 4-6 increments.
Pruning everbearing raspberry varieties can be carried out differently. In these bushes an annual cycle of growth and fruiting, so in the fall cut all stalks that grew over the summer. Leave the spring on the Bush several of the strongest shoots. Over the summer they will develop sufficient and give a good harvest in the fall.