Advice 1: How to treat boil in the ear

Furuncle in the ear causes severe pain that spreads to the eye, eyelid, neck. The pain gets worse when moving the jaw, as a result of the displacement takes place the pressure on wall of the external auditory apparatus and the area of skin where the formed boil. Sometimes the boil becomes a cause of increase in body temperature.
You will need
  • alcohol, onions, flax oil, rosemary, garlic, dandelion, nettle, agave
Effective remedy for boils is alcohol. Dilute it and gently reheat. Moisten a cotton swab, and then place them in the ear opening.
Use a mixture of the juice of baked onions and linseed oil. To do this, the onion fabricate the recess and drip it in linseed oil. Put in a hot oven. In the process of heating the bulb will allocate juice, which should be used as a medicine for the treatment of boils.
Grind rosemary shoots. Place them in a heated pan. Pour the boiling water. 200 gr. of water take one tablespoon of rosemary. When the broth settles and cools down, filter carefully.
Drink the infusion three times a day for 50 grams. In addition, the infusion used as wash water. Wipe them the land, which formed the boil, and soon notice the results.
In the fight against furunculosis well-proven garlic. Place it in the oven and bake. Grind to form a slurry. Wrap in cheesecloth and apply to the affected area for four hours. The procedure must be performed daily.
Brew grass dandelion. 10 g take one Cup of boiling water. Put in a warm place for at least three hours. Strain. Take five times a day for one tablespoon.
Similarly steep nettles. Leave for 30 minutes. Take morning, afternoon and evening ? glass.
Using agave from the boil to draw the pus. In addition, the plant contributes to its rapid maturation. To do this, tear off a fat aloe leaf, wash, cut lengthwise and attach to the sore spot.

Advice 2: What to do with the boil

Boils are the result of the infecting staphylococcal or streptococcal infection. On the skin are formed painful seal, filled with pus. On the background of inflammation may appear, and temperature. To cope with boils, mi, you can use as the folk and traditional medicine.
With a large number of boils on the body antibiotics. To cope without the pills the infection will not work. Can also be applied to the inflamed area and ointment which contains antibacterial ingredients. Consult a doctor to consult on this issue. In some particularly difficult cases of furunculosis appoint inpatient treatment.

Apply on the boil Vishnevsky ointment – it draws the pus. The ointment is a rather unpleasant smell, so cover the treated area with plastic and secure well with a band-aid. Procedure is carried out until the pus does not come, but it will take about 3-7 days, some cases more.

If you have an aloe plant, then tear off a few leaves. Rinse well under running water. Cut from a sheet of a small piece and remove the skin. Put the plant on the boil and secure with cellophane and tape. Aloe Vera draws the pus and promotes healing of the skin.

To speed up the process, lubricate the skin around the boil with iodine. Directly on the sore spot iodine do not apply, only around it. In extreme cases, make a grid with a cotton swab.

Chop bulb onion. In the resulting mass, add a little grated soap. Put all in a cloth and apply to the boil. The procedure is carried out at bedtime and in the morning remove the poultice. Usually the first time all the pus comes out, but if not, repeat done again.

If all else fails, go to the surgeon. The doctor will make a small incision, and the entire contents will come out, and then you will feel relief. The operation is performed in the outpatient clinic under local anesthesia. The skin healing process is quick and without any complications in most cases, unless, of course, follow the General recommendations of your doctor.
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