You will need
  • Coloured cardboard, crayons, glue, scissors.
It is best to do figures and other crafts from color cardboard. Pieces of cardboard can be unilateral, which will allow you to attach them to surfaces using double-sided tape. Two way DIY can be hung on thread. Volume figures are put on the stand.
To make figures from cardboardand apply the selected scheme to the cardboard and cut out details. Parts connect with glue, wire or clay.
For the manufacture of the figure of the lion, prepare the cardboard roll from toilet paper. You will also need: colored pencils, cardboard black, brown and light brown colors, scissors, PVA glue. On brown cardboard, draw a face of a lion. On light brown cardboard – mane. Size faces make the same as the diameter of the circle cardboard roll from toilet paper.
Cut out both parts of the faces stick to the mane. Black cardboard should be cut the nose and paste it. Draw with crayons eyes, mouth on the muzzle of a lion and paint the tips of the mane. Cut out of light brown cardboard four paws and tail of a lion. Draw a tassel on the tail and make small incisions. With white glue, stick all the parts of the lion to the cylinder of cardboardthat will be the torso.
Try to make the figure of a bee. You will need corrugated cardboard black and blue colors, cardboard, brown paint, scissors, colored pencils. Draw the trunk of a bee on a brown cardboard. On the smooth side of corrugated cardboard blue draw two wings. Cut these three parts.
Draw with crayons face the bees. Cut and glue strips of corrugated black cardboard on both sides of the body of a bee. Cut off the excess part of the strips. Cut two strips of corrugated black cardboard and stick them like antennae on top of his head. Then glue the wings on both sides of the body. Make a hole in the body of a bee and tie him to the thread.
Very simple to make and the original bookmark from cardboard. Draw on the cardboard strip at the end of which the image of any figure except the head, for example the torso with a fish tail. Cut the finished bookmark. Placing it in the book, it'll be just like fish stuck his head in a book. Available materials and simple techniques, and will allow you to do amazing things.