Advice 1: How to find out everything about the car

Each pedestrian wants to buy an iron horse, but not everyone can afford to buy a new car. The possibility of acquiring a used car is a long time, but there are more scammers. And therefore there is a possibility to give their blood for the broken, unfit to drive or stolen iron beauty. Wizard cosmetic repairs able of drowned or Changeling to do just candy, but such a serious accident do not go to the car without a trace.
You will need
  • Internet, expert assessment of the car, a professional devices.
Once you have decided on the car, ask the seller about it in great detail. Try not to miss the smallest detail - all this will help you to enquire about transport. It is necessary to record the most important details about the car, so as not to confuse. Inquire this information through a friend in the traffic police, or just by coming to this service.
The most common problem faced by inexperienced used car buyer, is a broken engine. What to do? Check the legality and compliance engine, breaking the Internet through a special program. Simply enter in the search engine "identification (verification) VIN code". Depending on in which country were collected your car, choose a website with a database, hammered the VIN code into the active area and press the button "get information". Such data about the carlike year, make, manufacturer, location, model year, serial number and special features you will see on the screen after a few moments in a new window.
Few know that the drive is native, you have to be sure that other parts of the body, and others were not going to like components from the computer. For this invite for a inspection specialist. He must be special devices - calipers, for example. It will determine whether the machine or parts repainted. The spectrometer can also detect the presence of transitions after painting. Well, a lot of special equipment to check the integrity of the body.

Advice 2: How to know the traffic fines for car number

Modern technology has leaped forward. And now about the presence and the amount of fines in the system the traffic police can learnfrom the comfort of home.
The first way is through the Internet. For this you need to visit the site, dealing with the traffic police. Further in the proposed fields to enter your data - the car number and driver's license number. In response, the system should provide the necessary information.
How to know the traffic fines for car number
The second way is through SMS. To do this, send an SMS with the text of traffic Police №TC (vehicle) n WU (driver's license) to the number 9112. But we should remember that this service is paid. For information about each unpaid fine will have to pay 5 rubles.
Print or copy the information and pay.
Refuse the purchase if the seller agrees to a full inspection of the car and on examination. Received unmotivated refusal, you immediately realize that about the car and know nothing else - the deal is risky.
Useful advice
If you buy a foreign car, try to find out, crossed the car border.
The best way to learn about the machine all - to turn to professionals.
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