The only authorized representative of the international organization GS1, which develops standards for the implementation and assignment of barcodes, is the Association of automatic identification UNISCAN/GS1 RUS". All other company offering assignment of the barcodeand the international standard EAN, are intermediaries or charlatans.
To free codeirawati your products, your company will need to join GS1 RUS (it can only do commercial organizations). If you decide to become a member of GS1 in the Russian representative office, submit the application for admission and the list of products subject to the codeto iravani. After your application is received, you will be required to list on the settlement account of the entrance fee in the amount of 25,000 rubles (VAT is not assessed). Application forms and list of products, see the website of GS1 RUS.
How is the process of assigning a barcodea? First of all, you need to get a set of numbers, which will be his to make. First, the company assigns a GS1 company prefix. Then you get the rates of production of your enterprise – the number of digits depends on how many digits include the company prefix.
Depending on the setting (warehouse, office) select the symbols of the bar code, as well as the location of the labels. When symbols are defined, begins design development. The label size depends on all the parameters mentioned above, as well as the capabilities of printing equipment. It is important that the numbers under the bands were clearly visible, in case of damage to labels and the inability to scan.
When choosing the color of the barcodeand be guided by the following: the classic colors are black on a white background, also you can choose any dark color (dark brown, dark blue, dark green). In the background as an option can be used bright shades of red.
Print labels with bar-codeAMI is either in the printing or in office environments on laser or thermal transfer printer. After the barcode is printed, its quality is checked by a special device – a validator.