Advice 1: How to shorten a watch strap

Often, receiving a gift of a watch or buying them without trying, for example, in the online store, you get upset due to the fact that the metal strap is a bit large. If they are expensive, it is better to go to company service center. In other cases, it is possible to cope with the problem independently. Actually to remove a few links on the bracelet is a snap, but in this case you have to be careful.
You will need
  • - awl or a sewing needle (you can try and floss);
  • - pliers.
First, you need to choose a well-lit place, better if it is under the lamp or to be near a window. Be sure to clear the work surface from unnecessary things. This is necessary in order to little details that hours are not lost.
Metal bracelets are mainly composed of several parts by which they well fit hand. Usually, to band hours, a little shortened, just need to get rid of several divisions. You need to remember that if you shorten a bracelet more than one link, then you need to remove them from each side in equal amounts. Otherwise, the watch will be uncomfortable to sit on the arm. Also noticeable is that the number of divisions is different. Better start deleting those that are smaller, so you don't shorten the strap too much. Remember that the length of the bracelet is much more difficult.
Put the bracelet and carefully, not making big power (otherwise you can damage the clips, insert an awl or needle into a small hole, which is on every division of the strap. Slowly squeeze small metal skewers that hold this design. To understand in what direction you need to squeeze them, you need to look at the arrows on the inner side of your hours. When seem part of the skewers, press it gently with your pliers and pull out completely. Remove the required number of units, starting with those that are closer to the body hours.
Now you need to put the bracelet back. For this purpose, the skewers connect the desired links. If there is a need for a small adjustment, then do it. On the clasp there are several holes, they also have pins. They can also be adjusted, observing extreme caution.
Removing the links, try to keep them. Maybe after a while the strap will be tiny in this case you will have to return the division to the place.

Advice 2: How to change the bracelet on the watch

Sometimes there are situations when we urgently need to replace a broken watch band for a new one. To do this, it is not necessary to refer to specialists, because you can substitute yourself and most importantly have the necessary tools.
Watches is not a simple accessory but an element that indicates brightly on the status of its owner. A nice watch to accompany its owner in all situations, so this accessory should be selected carefully.

Correctly chosen wrist watch will serve faithfully to its owner for a long time. However, like any other items, watch from time to time must be replaced, as their appearance gradually deteriorates. Replacement accessory on the newer is required and in that case, if its design is simply tired.

What to do in this case? It is not necessary to spend money on purchasing a new wristwatch, you just have to replace the bracelet and accessory update instantly. To replace the bracelet will need special tools.

Where to start changing the bracelet on a wristwatch?

You should first buy a bracelet of the right color. When you select this part of the hours necessary to consider several points. First, you need to pay attention to the length of the bracelet and its width. Secondly, we should pay attention to the fact that the material from which is made bracelet. This material should be difficult placed or indelible, hypoallergenic. Stainless steel bracelets are the perfect classic option. When selecting a bracelet one should take into account the material from which made the watch case, everything should look quite harmoniously.

How to remove the anklet?

To remove the old wristband from wristwatches can be as follows. To start using a thin sewing or any other similar tool should drive the pin, which acts. For this purpose on the reverse side of the bracelet there are special grooves. The pin should drive to the middle of the tube, and then can be removed from the watch and the bracelet.

How to install a bracelet on a wrist watch?

To carry out the installation of a new bracelet on the wrist watch should be very careful and all the rules. You need to ensure that the bracelet had a suitable width. Too wide the bracelet will be impossible to install, and after installation narrow can spontaneously fall out of the ear. In addition, the bracelet set on the clock it is necessary so that the castle was opened not from the numbers 12 and 6 numerals.

Now you need to the hole of the bracelet to set the eyelet and into the hole in the eyelets insert one of the pins, which is the most favored. Then a thin screwdriver or awl should put pressure on the pin and between the lugs to quickly insert the eyelet. The pin needs to hit the eye. After the installation of the bracelet remains only to test his strength.
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