Advice 1: How to make a price list

The price list is the most important source of information about the company. It is on the basis of this document a potential customer takes the buying decision. Proper design of price lists positive impact on sales growth.
You will need
  • - color printer
  • paper
  • - Internet
  • services, printing company
Before you place the price list, pay attention to its contents. It should contain brief but comprehensive information about your company. 3-4 is enough concise and succinct phrases that the potential client got a glimpse of your activities.Reflect in the price list the main headings in the table. If you sell a product to different customer types at different prices, list them in separate columns. Bottom of the table list the main shipping conditions, discounts, possible methods of delivery. On the flip side of the price sheet, specify your address, contact information, directions to your business, hours of operation.
Make your price list on company letterhead. Try not to overload it with flowers and graphics, except for some cases. If your company provides services or sells goods for which prices change very rarely, can make the price list as a full booklet or catalog with pictures of the original design. Refer to the services of printing or advertising Agency that will help you to develop the style of this booklet, pick up the paper, which is pleasant to hold in hands. If your company sells goods, the price of which changes very often, it is advisable to do printout price lists on their own, because in this case the fore its relevance. Print the document on A4 sheets, using 2-3 colors. Choose not too small font, but still try to make your price list compact and easy to read.
Duplicate your price list on the website of the company. Ensure that it is updated as needed. Can enter the automatic weekly sending of price lists to the customer via e-mail.If you have a trading room or office where visitors come and order a rack for price lists.

Advice 2: How to make a correct price

The price list helps potential buyers to find out information about the firm services and products. The information in this document should be simple and accessible and understandable to everyone. How to make a good price?
You will need
  • paper, computer.
Specify in the header the exact company name and correct contact information – telephone, address, email address, website address, etc. In the price list must indicate for which type of product it is made. Example: women's shoes, leather, manufacturer of Green butterfly.
A table that is located under cap, must consist of the following mandatory columns: serial number, part number, product name, unit of measure, price.
Be sure to specify what currency are the prices and do they include VAT. The SKU should be clear and better if it used the most common marking system. If the firm adopted its own system of part numbers, please indicate next to the appropriate conventional part number.
Allowed the possibility of introducing additional columns, such as "add" or "notes". They should reflect the data that was not included in the main columns, but are very important. At the very bottom of the price list should put the final position - it can be terms of delivery or shipment.
In order not to endlessly alter the price to reflect the prices in conventional units, pointing inside the course in the firm on a particular day. This will simplify the work. Remember that very often the availability of the product for the buyer is more important than its price.
In the preparation of price provide the buyer with the most information about the product. This document should be simple and convenient for customer who do not care about your internal documentation requirements. Do not post unnecessary information - this may harm the firm and become a source of unnecessary problems.
Get ready to spread the price in the form in which the client wants. Some buyers prefer paper documents, some electronic. With the development of electronic price use the most popular among users of the program.
Be sure to specify that the price in your price list is not a public offer. Otherwise, you will be required to sell to the buyer the goods at a specified price, without the possibility of its change.
Useful advice
Make prices for items in your price list in the form of numbers with tenths or hundredths. For example, instead of 19.8 20. As a result of psychological acceptance of the price seems to buyer below.
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