Advice 1: What to do in rati

RATI (former GITIS) is one of the most prestigious institutes of Russia. It doesn't need advertising, because he knows the most. The Institute prepares skilled workers in almost all fields of art. GITIS has 8 faculties. Now more about how to proceed on each of them.
You will need
  • - Unified state examination in Russian and literature,
  • - passport
  • photography.
The acting Department. Selection of students takes place in 3 rounds, which tested their acting, vocal students and plastic, sense of rhythm, ability to move. Successfully passed the tests waiting for a Colloquium, i.e. a job interview. Prepare to enter the fable, a prose, a poem and a monologue.
The directing Department. Directors, like actors, are acting challenge. So if you intend to do, prepare a repertoire. In addition to this, get ready for directorial tasks and explication of the play. This means that you should present your vision of the story. Assign roles or describe, as you can see making plays.
Production Department. Here, but as other faculties are required to provide the results of the exam in Russian language and literature. An additional challenge will be the interview and creative work. The interview revealed the ability of the entrant to managerial and economic activities. There are knowledge of theatre studies, Economics, law and management. Go to more theater, be interested in who did your favorite show, read specialized books.
The ballet-master faculty. If you go to this school, you must have the experience and dance education. First you must pass the qualifying consultation, after which you allow for the entrance exams. Namely, the show of original dances, improvisation on a given music, and drama.
The theatre faculty. From experts you want to show off their knowledge of the profession at the Colloquium and write a review. The review is written on one of the topics that can be covered on theatrical stages.
The faculty of scenography. He prepares art Directors of the theatre. For admission turn in academic drawing, painting (still life), composition, and interview and, of course, the exam in two subjects.

Advice 2: How to arrive at the theater

The profession of an actor until the second half of the last century, was not only undervalued, but often, even shameful. Bohemians received for his work are very few. Today, this profession is profitable and honorable, and to join it is a dream of many young people, hungry for recognition, fame and money. Therefore, among entering College theater is a lot of people are not mentally prepared to work exactly in the field of the profession. If your intention is to become an actor seriously, start preparing for admission in advance.
Decide what you want to do: performing activities (actor), art direction or related work (sound engineering, design of theatrical clothes, theater...). Define more precisely: do you want to play on the stage or in the movies.
Select the University you want to enroll, enroll in preparatory courses. Explore the foster requirements. Usually in addition to University standards (Russian language, literature, and maybe history), there is a special set: art (a poem, a fable and an excerpt of prose by heart, showing sketches or skits) and Colloquium. Memorize these Scriptures so that, at the request of the teacher to read backwards through the line and diagonally - in a word, achieve a great freedom in the presentation of the selected texts.
Submit the documents and pass the entrance exams to several universities, concentrating the main forces where you want to go. Everywhere present the same program.
Many applicants arrive at the desired faculties with the second, third, and even fifth attempt. If you don't hit in the first year, don't give up, get ready for the next reception.
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