Advice 1: How to change the administrator password

The security settings of the operating system and the computer in General is a very important process. But sometimes people fall prey to his desire for security, for example, forgetting passwords.
You will need
  • Phillips screwdriver.
To change the passwordset for access to the computer or the operating system in several ways. In some cases you will need to enter the old password, in other situations, this is not necessary.
Let's start the process of removing protection from your computer with the very first password that may appear when you turn on the device. This password must be entered immediately after starting the computer, because it blocks access not only to the operating system, but also to the BIOS menu.
Let's say you know the password and want to change it. Press Del to enter the BIOS. Enter the required password. Locate items in the Set Supervisor Password or Change Password. Press Enter. Enter the old password. Twice enter a new password. Click Save & Exit.
Now consider a situation in which you don't know the password. Turn off the computer. Remove the left wall of the system unit. Locate the small battery in the shape of a washer. It is located on the motherboard. Remove the battery from the slot.
Screwdriver to short the contacts in it. Return the battery. Now when you turn on the computer, the password prompt will stop appearing. Go into the BIOS and set a new password (if required).
Let's consider a situation when you need to remove or change the password of the administratoryou want to use to log into the operating system. If we are talking about Windows 7, then it can be done knowing the existing password or by using a different account.
Open control panel and go to "user Accounts". Select "Change password". Keep old password and twice new.
Let's say you have on the computer there are two accounts with rights of the administrator, to one of which you know the password. Go to the OS using this account. Open the control panel. In the menu "user Accounts" click "Manage another account".
Select the one that you want to change the password. Click the "Remove password". Reset the OS using the second account. Set it to a new password.

Advice 2: How to change the password on the computer

To set a password on a computer is not difficult. This will help the user to protect their PC from various outside threats. For example, one without the knowledge of the user will not be able to use a computer.
The procedure for changing or setting the password on the computer is very simple. It password will help to prevent the user from various problems. With the set password, the user need not worry about the fact that in the absence of confidential data falling into the hands of another person. Installation procedure itself takes a minimum of time, but then the user can practically nothing to worry, because the data on the computer will be well protected.

Set a password for the user account

Set password on different operating systems is almost the same. So the problems with setting the password at anybody should not arise. In principle, the entire installation process password is that the user needs to find the "Set or change password". First you need to go to the menu "start" and select "Control Panel". In the "Control Panel", you need to find the heading "user Accounts and family safety". Then click on "user Accounts". Then you will see the string "Change your password", and need to choose. Next, the user must enter a new password and click on the button confirming the change. In case you haven't, it's encrypted, it's better to put it.

In the Windows XP operating system setting and changing the password are even easier. To do this, just go to "Control Panel" and in there find the line "Set or change password".

The basic rules of password

It should be noted that it is best to set a rather complicated password consisting of letters, various symbols and numbers. In this case, the possibility of hacking or password mining is reduced to almost zero. In addition, the password should not be too short. In the end it should be a password that is impossible to find, and for the safety of sensitive data you do not worry. Of course, we should not forget about antivirus software, how to hack a user account can remotely. In this case, the preset password will also help, and antivirus software to block, for example, keyloggers, which can copy and send to the attacker. Setting a password takes a minimum of time, but it will allow to increase the safety of data stored on the user's computer.
All new limited account has been created. You can restart the computer and see how our account. If you want to change the account picture or edit it in a window "user Accounts" select your account and follow the links. I wish You that your confidential information was only to your. How to put a password on the computer.
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How to put a password on the computer. Regulation of access to the computer through user accounts in Windows XP. Computer protection, protection of information from accidental user. All new limited account has been created. You can restart the computer and see how our account. If you want to change the account picture or edit it in a window "user Accounts" select your account and follow the links.
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