You will need
  • The labor code, a personal statement of the employee, the passport of the employee.
Making part-time - a common case in the practice of HR. Taking on the work of the employee on such conditions, personnel must be aware of some points: a part-time job provides employment to part-time or part-time, and payment is made in proportion to time worked.
In addition, the employee is entitled to be furnished part-time for several employers at once. For part-time employee must receive the following documents: passport and personal statement to the personnel Department.
The employment contract with the employee hired on part time, be sure to prescribed working hours and rest time (usually exhibited the 20-hour work week with holidays on Saturday and Sunday) and the amount of payment 50% of the post salary of the positions.
Social guarantees of the worker for part-time, remain the same as that of the key employees: sick pay, vacations after 6 months worked under the job description of the award.
Making part-time is a good way of providing employment for those who for personal reasons cannot afford full-time: pregnant and lactating women, parents or guardians of children with disabilities, pensioners, etc. in addition, a part-time job in demand for seasonal or temporary works: for example, the assistant financial accountant in the reporting periods, personal assistants, nannies, maids.