You will need
  • - shovel;
  • - seedlings;
  • - the stakes are;
  • - a metal grid;
  • - rope made of natural materials.
Rate the available area to determine which and how many fruit trees you can plant. Assume the following numbers: it is known that one plant will require under him, about 10 square meters. Thus, the minimum distance between two adjacent trees should not be less than five meters. Choose dwarf trees, if you don't have a large garden, as they can be put at more frequent intervals.
Determine the quality of the soil and check the level of background radiation. To do this, use a special device – a dosimeter. It will help you to choose the best place for planting because the fruit trees are extremely sensitive to the presence of impurities and other harmful substances in the soil.
Pick up fruit trees so that they are as long as possible please you with its fruits. For example, select different varieties of apples, plums, pears, which produce a crop in early summer and at the end. Please note that the fruit collected in August, you can save up to winter. Also, be prepared for the fact that the hot climate trees – quince, persimmon, apricot and others can not be planted in solitude, as they need to be able to spend samoperedelny.
Dig a deep hole for your seedlings and prepare the bottom layer of fertile land, young fruit trees need a lot of space, letting their roots, as well as in the active nourishment. Add clay garden soil, allowing to improve the quality of the substrate, and dilute it with sand, so the ground was not too thick and not impede root growth. Don't forget to fertilize the soil with compost.
Choose a time to plant depending on the climate in which you live. The spring is to plant fruit trees in the cold climate bands and bands with a temperate climate and autumn planting is preferred for areas where mild winters prevail.
Hammer stakes at the same time as you plant the tree, so you will not damage its root system. Tie the plant to it, using a rope made of natural materials. Be careful tying it around the trunk to avoid damaging young trees. Do not forget to loosen and expand the binding of the growth of plants, because in this state it should be one to two years.