Advice 1: How to connect the wires in the outlet

Socket is an element of the power supply system, which allows you to efficiently and securely close the contacts, passing the electricity to the appliances. Electric sockets are arranged as follows: inside of outer case (escutcheon) is itself the socket with alligator clips to the wires. Often used in apartments electrical sockets that are recessed into the wall, called built-in and so-called overhead sockets used for open wiring.
You will need
  • To connect the wires in the socket you will need: screwdriver (simple or cross), pliers.
Built-in sockets designed for hidden wiring when the wires hidden inside the walls and electrical outlets are also recessed into the wall. In the apartments almost always installed wall sockets. Hidden installing an electrical outlet in a purpose made plastic boxes,which are called enclosures. Wires are attached to the connectors or screws, or clamps. The option to install electrical outlets in the wall every year more and more popular, despite the fact that this setup requires a lot of money and effort, takes a lot of time.
Overhead outlet is most often used when an open transaction, that is, when the wires are laid on top of the walls. They are often put in wooden holiday houses, fixing directly onto the wall.
Sockets come in different types: with protective covers (for nurseries); external works (installed on the street, the wall of the house); socket with timer (can set switch-on time); to ground. The first thing to do if you want to connect the wires to the socket is disconnect all your house or apartment!To do this, disconnect the supply of current to the plate! To connect socket: remove it from the protective case; to find a contact group (2 contacts connect to wire); loosen the bolts that squeeze the wire, rotating them counterclockwise to such an extent so that the cable slipped in the clamp. Strip the wire ends approximately 1 cm. Now gently push the first wire into the clamp and tighten the bolt. Also will do with the second wire.Slip into the socket protective enclosure, screw it. Turn on the power of the house on the flap. Will the outlet for example some Desk lamp if it is lit, then you have done everything correctly.
If you want to install the socket with grounding, as required for example for electric heaters, you should also wire-supplying electrodes (zero and phase), connect the ground wire. These sockets just have 3 contacts. The third contact is easily distinguished from the others, so it connects to the metal brackets located on the sides inside the socket.Grounding is easy to do in a separate house, drive in the ground (under the floor or on the street) area of metal about a meter long and attach the wire. In apartment buildings there is a ground in General electric flaps, ask the expert where it is and how to connect to it.

Advice 2: How to connect the socket from the switch

How to connect the socket to the wall? Such question arises when you decide to change something in your house, in particular - to replace the obsolete outlet .
You will need
  • - screwdriver
  • - screws
  • - resistance meter
Turn off the electricity. This can be done in the dashboard with the help of the induction machine or just simply removing yourself tube. Then you need to remove the protective strip from the socket or switch. Do not forget to leave a stock wire of 50 mm.
Sequentially remove the spacer screws of the covers from the plates. This is necessary in order to be able to put the switch in the box from the nest. Upon completion of the rotation of the cross should be in the box. The screws should screw carefully, slowly, without strain.
In that case, if the previous switches were kept only by means of pads, screwed to the wall, then place in a wall cavity prisposobleniya box. It's easy to do, since almost all modern models there is a metal housing installation apertures.
In the phase of the gap switch. The cable is thus fit in the cartridge mount. Necessary for the safety of electrical circuits at short circuit. In this case, it will just disconnect. It also allows you to replace cartridges and lamps without any problems.
Please note whether the lights are switched on with the top of the key or the main button, at the device switch. In the case of a single key, the switch must be set so that only from the lower level were connected contacts.
Carefully secure the escutcheon to the wall. After that open the very outlet. Attach its base to the switch with two screws. Then attach the cord to the outlet and contact. This should be done with screws. Before operating make sure all of their actions, no errors or missed steps. Only completely sure in this, you can start operation.
Most importantly - disconnect the supply of electric current to the apartment!
Useful advice
Prikruchivayte wire firmly enough that they are not subsequently moved away from the contacts when heated.
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