Selection start from a position of principle: what tissues prefer - natural, synthetic (artificial) or mixed. Recall: the basis of this division - raw materials. Natural silk, wool - natural fabrics of animal origin. Linen, cotton - plant. The artificial produce of natural substances and man-made fibres - of synthetic polymers. There are many kinds of blended fabrics.
Every fabric has different characteristic properties - air permeability, hygroscopicity, creasing etc, Consider these characteristics when selecting the material for the upholstery of the sofa. Always be interested in data supporting the labels that must be attached to the piece-model. The manufacturer is obliged to inform the buyer about the composition of the material, the rules of care. Instructions are given with special marks - standard symbols (if, for example, the fabric cannot be ironed, you will see an icon with a crossed-out iron).
Decide what surface you like: rough, smooth, matte, shiny, brushed, velvet, buklirovannye. Sofas are often upholstered with tapestry, flock, imitation leather and natural leather. Take a look to all offer textures.
Think about your attitude to the paintings on cloth. What is the soul - cage, bar, flowers, leaves, speckled? You can offer a lot of options. Sometimes sellers are advised to consider trends, but the choice is yours.
Choice of fabric colors is another difficult step. It is well known the division of colors on the cold (blue, blue-green, blue) and warm (yellow, orange, red) colors. Certainly the interior of your apartment is already decorated in a pleasant to your eye the color. Color must be suitable to the colors of the curtains (if you don't want to change them), to the color scheme of the Wallpaper or the walls of your apartment.