Advice 1: How to sew a baptismal shirt

Baptism is a Holy sacrament, which becomes the first step towards a new stage in a person's life. Therefore, it should match the occasion and the clothing especially. And the best thing to do baptismal shirt with his hands. Use for sewing fine natural fabrics - muslin, chintz or calico.
You will need
  • 1) base fabric width from 1 to 1.20 m and a length of 60 cm (depending on size of child).
  • 2) Satin tape - 8 metres
  • 3) Symmetrical lace - 8 m.
In addition to the base material to prepare a thin satin ribbon and lace with a width of two and a half centimeters and a length of about eight meters. This will come in handy for decorating shirts. Color pick the ribbon depending on the sex of the baby can be blue, pink or neutral white.
Because shirt with a surplice back will be much easier another option, make the back of two parts with allowance for the smell of 5-6 inches.
Mark the middle front and sew on this line the lace from the neck to the bottom. Then put on a lace satin ribbon and pristrochite on both sides.
Remaining lace, cut in half to make it narrower, and pristrochite front, departing from the already sewn strips on either side of 0.7 cm Pristrochite lace also on the bottom, making a small Assembly.
Connect the shelf at the shoulder sections. Treat the seams on the serger. Put on the seams of the lace top and Topstitch satin ribbon. Slightly making Assembly, sew the lace on bottom of sleeves, also decorating the top with ribbon. Stitch side seams, leaving one side with a small slit in the area of the belt (ribbon-ties), and sewn the whole shirt round. Turn over the neckline with bias binding.
The rear halves of the handle with the ACC in place of the odor and sew two ribbons at the level of the left slot.
Left chest tab of the ribbon a small cross.
Take the white cap and decorate it to match with the shirt. Tab the edges of the lace with the ribbon. You can only Topstitch the ribbon in two rows from forehead to occiput. And you will not be just a shirt for baptism, but a suit that will decorate for receiving the baptism of the child, and then to remind him of this important event in his life.

Advice 2: The baptism of a child: customs, rules, traditions

The christening of the child have long been an important sacred rite and sacrament, which is celebrated with the closest friends and relatives. Around the christening, there are many customs, rules and traditions, some of which are long lost, but most of them have survived to this day.

The christening

Preparing for the baptism of a child is a responsible process, which must follow certain traditions and rules. To prepare for the sacrament should the parents and future godparents. The child was admitted to the Church, only one godfather for a boy or a godmother for a girl. To the choice of the godparents must be approached with maximum seriousness as they would take care of the godson along with his natural parents.

It is believed that the cross, the father and mother responsible for the spiritual upbringing of your child and his Christian manhood.

Usually this ceremony is usually carried out in the period from 8 th to 40-th day of a baby's life, who is going to baptize, because in this time, he comes under the protection of the Lord and is cleansed from original sin. In ancient times this period was caused by early mortality of young children from disease and unbaptized child, it was believed, was doomed to the perdition of his soul. Choosing godparents, you need to decide the place and date of the christening. Baptism can be held in any Church, the religion of parents, however, need to agree in advance with her priest. When choosing a Church, it is desirable to be guided by their personal feelings from the place and the priest. If you are satisfied, the priest will give detailed instructions on the preparation of the ceremony and answer any questions.


All those present at the rite of baptism needs to look appropriately: women must cover their head with a kerchief and wear a mid-length skirt and men a suit or other appropriate Church clothes. All participants in baptism must bear a cross. Before the ceremony it is desirable to clarify whether in the Church, pictures and videos of this momentous event, since not all clerics approve of such interference in such an intimate act.

Since the cross from the moment of baptism must constantly be on the child's body, while choosing, you need to consider the size and the material of this Church attribute.

Clothes for baptism baby should be light and comfortable. Is the best for this special baptismal rite fit shirts and towels. They are often left to memory, because there is a belief that they can alleviate the condition of a sick child who needs to wipe the wet baptismal towel.
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