Advice 1: How to make your own mermaid costume

Christmas party in kindergarten, the child's masquerade ball or the celebration of the day of Neptune is only a few situations when you might need a costume of a mermaid. Fortunately, the choice of costumes in specialized stores and what if to try to sew the outfit yourself?
You will need
  • - fabric of two types: fluid, opaque (satin, twill) and the air clear (organza, nylon),
  • - elastic or elastic tape,
  • fishing line fishing,
  • - to decorate: beads, sequins, beads, hair mascara (blue).
Decide how you want to see your costume. Usually outfit mermaid consists of several elements. In order to look like this character, you'll need a few thoughtful details: dress (preferably of silver fabric, strappy, sleeveless, snap-in separately (just prefer to make them elastic bands), decoration on the head, marine necklace and mask (can be worn – it all depends on your desire).
Choose the fabric very carefully. It should be easy to process and have an affordable price. It is best to buy fabric in two colors, harmoniously combined with each other: one light, fluid, but not transparent, the second fabric can be organza, fine tulle, nylon. To decorate the costumeand it is better to use the elastic band (elastic band), line and a variety of beads (it can be beads, glass beads, sequins or rhinestones).
Cutting the fabric for the dress in the shape of a rectangle. To ensure that the bodice looked attractive priamerica fabric in the place where you plan to do it. To stitch the rectangle should be only to the middle, upper part of the dress will be button up (clasp, choose the most convenient, it can be buttons, linen hooks or zipper). You can tuck the top edge of the dress and insert soft elastic in order to ensure that the product had a better control on his chest and looked aesthetically pleasing.
Vykroyte after that straps. Their width should be about five centimeters. Choose the length individually. Sew the straps to the dress. When all the details are sewn together, you will need to perform a few simple actions.
Treat the bottom of the dress stitching-zigzag (the length of the dress should be "Maxi" or "MIDI"). Insert at the bottom hem to the resulting zigzag line, the length of which is slightly less than the length of the bottom – it will give the dress a sort of wave.
Sew for the same technology a skirt of sheer fabric the right color, it will dress up underneath, and should be slightly longer than the upper skirt, that is, to hide the legs. The bottom skirt can be pristroit to the dress, and can be equipped with elastic band and worn separately.
Embroidered dress with beads pattern in the form of sea waves, of the same beads make a necklace.
Vykroyte in the form of rectangles sleeves (each sleeve can be made in the form of broad circular bandage and gather one edge of the elastic) and a bandage on his head, the edges, and decorate.
Make a mask out of papier-mache or cloth of an appropriate color. Adorn your head with a paper crown in the form of coral or just let down your hair beautifully Curling the ends by irons (Curling). If the budget allows, buy a wig with long hair a greenish or blue tint (they are usually sold in divisions of children's toys) or blue ink to paint some of his hair curls.

Advice 2: What is the difference between mermaids from the sirens?

Mermaids are often confused with sirens. Partly the reason is the natural origin of these creatures and their love for luring sailors and the desire to kill people by drowning them. However, in reality these creatures are very different from each other.

Who are the mermaids and sirens

Mermaids – wide image that contains many features. Some people portrayed them as polozheniya-Polaris, half of whose bodies were covered with scales, others talk about mermaids as on the common with mean girls. However, in any case, these beings are always directly associated with water and often in it they inhabit.
Even these aquatic creatures can be on land. For example, Oludeniz – day mermaid long walk in the fields.

Usually, mermaids are portrayed as very beautiful girls with long flowing hair. The last element of the image is particularly important because it creates a contrast with the usual girls, the weave or braids hiding your hair under a scarf or other headdress. For sirens this contrast plays no role, so it is not underlined.

The sirens were creatures of Greek mythology. They depict how Polaris or panoptic, though in the first case they can have a tail instead of legs. Sirens have impeccable voices and a special power that allows them to lure people and kill them.

What are the differences between sirens and mermaids

One of the most important differences between sirens and mermaids is their origin. And those and others are the lower spirits. However, sirens are of divine origin, because they are the daughters of the sea God and the muses, while the mermaids are young floaters or girls who die unbaptized.
Common myths, according to which mermaids do not have souls and dream to find her, luring and killing people. Also, they are often credited with vindictiveness, a desire to repay for the suffering of living people.

The second difference between these creatures – their way of luring. Mermaids are usually beautiful. Seeing how this girl combs his long hair, men swoon from the passion and eventually died, swim too far. Siren, on the contrary, could not possess the attractive appearance. From mother of the muses they inherited magical voice. Hear their sweet singing, the sailors lose their minds and sent the ship directly into the rocks and eventually died after a shipwreck. Also, some myths say that the siren voices are euthanized men, then kill them, tear apart and eat.

Finally, mermaids may look like ordinary girls (especially if we are talking about creatures from Russian mythology or about the German Undine), while the siren is sure to have either a fish tail or wings of a bird.
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