Advice 1: How to choose the color of the walls in the apartment

The choice of color of walls for apartments is a difficult task. After all, it was within these walls we will have to spend a large part of their time. How to make so that after painting or wallpapering their Wallpaper after a couple of weeks did not want to redo everything?
Natalieternovenko each room rate the following:
- the amount of natural light;
- the size, the configuration of the premises;
the function of the room.
This is something you have to work.
The South – prohladniy the main color is the next stage. For areas located in the southern part of the house which is well lit in winter and summer, suitable cool shades of the spectrum. This includes all shades of blue and green colors.Rooms with Windows on the North it is better to give heat by using warm colors. To apply a warm all shades of red and yellow colors.
The smaller blenheimpalace premises with a low ceiling is contraindicated in dark colors. Pale blue, cream, beige, lemon and salad colors are just. In large rooms and can afford more. Saturated or dark colors, large pictures would be quite appropriate.
What is good for living, bad for spallarossa, the important role played by the functional component. For example, the walls of the hallway were most often choose neutral light colors, because this room is usually devoid of access to natural light and is large. Light colors visually expand the space.For living room choose a calm, clear colorsconducive to a good mood. The richness of colors, usually small or medium. For meals, usually do not differ large size preferred bright colors. The "temperature" of a color is determined based on the orientation of the kitchen relative to the cardinal directions.In the bedroom inappropriate bright colors. For that room use soothing warm shades of velvety beige, pink and so on. Nursery – place where the child not only sleeps, plays, and learns. It is therefore advisable to split it into several zones with placement of colour. But if this is not possible, it is better to make wallsyou're out of bright and soft colors, neutral tones. Perfect gray, gray-blue, white. Sanitary facilities are often decorated bright colorsmi, since neither the toilets nor the bathrooms, as a rule, do not differ by dimensions. However, every rule there may be exceptions.

Advice 2: How to choose the color for apartment

To decide what will be the color of the walls in the apartment difficult. And it is important to consider not only your personal colorpreferences marketing, but many other nuances. There are a number of rules, doing that, will not have to regret the aimlessly spent kilograms of paint and miles of Wallpaper.
Rule paroetine walls should harmonize with the colors of the furniture, window frames, doors, and, of course, sex. Because the color of the walls should be choose after the furniture was bought, inserted jambs, frames, laid covering on the floor. If you have the room is of natural parquet or laminate you should choose for walls beige tones. If the flooring has a grey color – is desirable as-that to beat a shade of grey to cover the walls. This can be done by selecting bluish - or greenish-gray "calm" Wallpapers or paint.
Rule staroriginal to paint the walls in one room different colors. This creates psychological discomfort.At the same time, it is acceptable to use several shades of one color. If in the adjoining rooms the walls a different colorand it is advisable to stand them in the same range (for example, light orange and Golden sand). This method "collect" the space of the house together.
Rule chretienne should use bright saturated colors for areas where people spend a lot of time (e.g., kitchen) or rooms designed for relaxation. Bright shades, of course, raise the spirits, but their constant presence tiring and annoying. And the bedroom is a cheerful orange colorand just impossible to sleep.
Rule cheverton using paint you can visually adjust volume, height, width, and even the geometry of space. Light colors will make the room wider, darker more compact.
Rule pateev room facing the window to the South, it is customary to use a bluish, sea-green and other cool shades. The rooms with Windows to the North shows all the shades of warm beige and Golden scales. Generally, there is a conditional division into warm and cold color. Using the first (which include shades of red) makes the room more warm (of course, visually), using a second (these include shades of blue) – immerses the room cool.
Rule restore should use for painting the walls the colorthat psychologists believe the colorAMI aggression – scarlet, red, Burgundy. You should refrain from cold shades of blue, purple. Generally, choosing the color of walls for apartments, you need to refrain from using too intense pure colors. After all, the walls must create a background for the interior, and because their design is better to choose soft, light and not overly saturated colors.
It is better not to use bright colors for painting the walls. Perhaps after a while a bright red or psychedelic purple walls will begin to annoy, to oppress your mind.
Useful advice
Designers recommend to choose wall color for the room only after the choice of furniture, textiles, and other functional and decorative items. Walls should not "overshadow" and upstage cabinets, sofas, curtains or a plumber, but must serve them to the background.
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