Advice 1: Like to congratulate the head happy birthday

The head is a very important person in the life of the organization. Therefore, greeting him with a day of birth requires subordinates thoughtful and competent approach. This is quite a difficult question should be solved taking into account various factors.
You will need
  • - balloons;
  • - photographs;
  • - a gift.
To congratulate the head with a day of birth – it is quite troublesome and enjoyable.
First determine what are the nature of your relationship with your boss. Congratulations must be tactful and respectful if you have a very official and serious relationship. If they share informal and social contacts greetings can be more warm and cheerful.
How to congratulate the head, you can decide depending on its belonging to a particular sex. If you are a woman, be sure to give her a bouquet of flowers. It is advisable to ask in advance what kind of flowers are her favorite. Women are very receptive to the recitation of poems or singing of a song in her honor. For this we need good work hard and insert into verses name boss, and also sing poems her business acumen and other qualities that it has. Importantly, the congratulations sounded sincere. The man is quite suitable greetings in the form of prose.
Write a greeting in the following way or think for yourself.
For example: "Our team over the years Your leadership has managed to unite a common goal. Thanks to the think tank of our company in Your person, has achieved great results. We really appreciate Your hard, daily, painstaking work. To lead us is difficult, but You cope with this task perfectly! We wish You success, health and happiness! Let the family always encouraging You. And we also will try not to disappoint You!"
And to congratulate the head of the jubilee, we must try much more than usual. To do this, decorate the room with balloons and posters with congratulations. Very original will look a newspaper or a collage of pictures of employees. And at the head of all, of course, put a photo of the head.
Gift to the head choose very carefully. It is better to choose not too cheap but not too expensive, not to confuse your head. Of course the gift must be exceptional and to hint at the quality of the business. For example, the man will give what he adds authority and power, with expensive ashtray, made of marble, the exquisite pen and a leather diary. The woman present something that alludes to her charm, beauty and intelligence: floor vase, a large painting of a beautiful landscape or waterfall, exquisite sculpture.

Advice 2: How to congratulate the boss happy birthday

The head in our view always looks hard and heartless man. But such features are often a mask, and then you can look at the head differently. There's always a chance to see the "human" boss, if you give him a special gift on the day of birth.
To congratulate the chief with the day of birth you can, if you follow some rules.Observe your boss, try to find out the range of his interests and Hobbies. Talk to the employees who longer you work in this organization, because they can have much more information about the strengths and weaknesses of the chef.
After collecting sufficient amount of information about the interests of the supervisor, proceed to the analysis of accumulated data. Be sure to put yourself in his place. Try to wonder about, and what a surprise on the day of birth in this case would have wished for you.
Take the time to prepare the surprise or the gift choice, because you will present to your supervisor, maybe, depends on his attitude towards you, as employee.
Congratulations of the head so that subsequently, other colleagues did not take your greeting as a desire to get promoted, to the detriment of the rest of the team.
Prepare unusual packaging for even the most simple gift, place the text of the message quality in an unsealed envelope to the chief concluded that you are no trifles, and that you approach every case very carefully. The envelope should not be sealed so as not to give the greeting of ambiguity.
Prepare a small, but impressive speech of congratulations. Moreover, during its utterance pause allowing the head to insert remarks (comments). Remember that bosses don't like it when their employees speak a long time in their presence, even if it involves laudatory rants.
Try to link the original greeting with the benefit of the entire organization that this person is headed.
In the cards and verbal greetings do not mention the age of the head.
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