You will need
  • examination by a gastroenterologist-hepatologist;
  • - the course of treatment prescribed by the doctor;
  • - diet;
  • - re-examination.
You will be given an abdominal ultrasound, gastroscopy, sensing, General tests, including parasites and protozoa. On the basis of the survey will be issued individual treatment.
It is often enough to remove stones that prevent the normal functioning of the liver and gall bladder, to remove inflammation and take choleretic drugs or herbs.
To remove inflammation if you have it identified, antibiotic treatment course of 2-3 weeks. Also the doctor can prescribe agents that increase motility of the gallbladder: magnesium sulfate, xylitol, sorbitol, cholecystokinin, cholecystokinin and choleretic, allohol, holosas, holenzim, and holagol and antispasmodics.
Antispasmodics are selected very carefully and individually, is taken into account the General condition, test results, comorbidities and other medications, for example, from pressure.
Additionally appointed physiotherapy, electrophoresis with papaverine or procaine. The doctor will prescribe biological stimulators in injection form, aloe or methyluracil, vitamin, herb, rose hips, peppermint, tansy, Helichrysum, barberry, corn silk.
Helps to cope with the problem daily intake of mineral waters of Truskavets, Essentuki 18, mineral water, Morshyn, nafta. You will be advised to get rid of chronic foci of inflammation and infection, diet, low fat. You need to eat 5-6 times a day small portions and only boiled food. All spices, seasonings, semi-finished products, canned food, cold cuts, should be repealed.
A comprehensive treatment helps effectively to cope with the problem and prevent dangerous consequences. The course of treatment will have to undergo systematically with small breaks. Re-examination is appointed every 3-6 months, as the patients throwing the bile into the stomach are at risk for cancer, and are subject to regular monitoring.