Almost every major store of agricultural products sold by the ultrasonic repeller moles. The principle of operation is that the device emits low frequency sounds that moles can't stand.
However, the range of such a device is too small to cover all the moves, which moves the mole, and rarely gets to his main home-pantry. Therefore, the repeller moles helps not in every case.
Moleyou can't stand the smell of gasoline. So to get rid of moles is possible, if the wet petrol rag and dug underground tunnels of the mole, lay them in each step.
This method is sufficiently effective only under one condition: you know the location of the mole's moves.
To put around the perimeter of legumes, e.g., lentils, beans or peas is another effective way to remove molesbecause they can't stand the odor of plants in this family.
Moles do not like loud noises. You can get them by installing in the garden for several wind farms, which will transmit vibration and noise to the ground.
To make a wind turbine is simple enough: take a long stick and dug it into the ground at forty or fifty inches, and to the Bank to tie empty cans of beer. The wind banks will be pounding each other and generate noises that do not like moles.
Another method of manufacturing a wind turbine is even simpler: three quarters dug into the earth, empty glass bottles, at an angle of forty-five degrees.
To get rid of moles by simply buying a hunting dog (best-Dachshund) that will break the holes and destroy live in these moles.
By following these tips, you will surely get rid of moles and garden will delight you with a rich harvest!