Dried in home mint, Basil, thyme, parsley, celery, dill, lovage, lemon balm. Collect herbs for drying in the morning when the dew's dried up, the sun beginning to bake. Sort the greens, remove the dry twigs and yellowed leaves. Thoroughly rinse the plants under running water, to remove adhering to them and sand the ground.
The greens must be dry. After you clean it, fold the herbs in a colander or sieve and wait until the grass will drain the water. Then put the greens on in advance prepared towel. Tie the dried grass into small bundles – each form separately and hang to dry down the buds. To dry herbs you need in open areas, protected from wind and direct sunlight, otherwise the herbs will pobeleyut and will lose its taste.
You can dry herbs at home. To do this, prepare the sheets of paper. After you have washed and dried the herbs, finely chop them and place on paper. Top cover with cheesecloth or towel. For uniform drying herbs must be turned every day.
You can dry herbs in the oven. To do this, wash and dry the greens, finely chop and place on a baking sheet. The first two to three hours dry herbs at a temperature of 35-40 degrees, then can increase to 50, and if you dry the parsley, then up to 70 degrees.
After the greenery has dried, it is ground finely (by hand or through a sieve) and placed in tightly sealed glass jars.