You will need
  • calculator.
To put Cuba in meters square, divide the volume of the apartment or room at ceiling height. The volume of dwellings should be expressed in cubic metres (m3) and the ceiling height in meters. For example, the volume of the apartment is 200 m3, ceiling height – 2.5 meters. Then its area is: 200 / 2,5 = 80 meters (square).
If the ceiling height in some areas doesn't match (which often occurs in rural houses and cottages), for transfer of the cubes in meters , determine the area of each room separately and add the resulting values. For example, the cottage consists of two floors. The volume of all the rooms of the first floor of 300 m3 at a height of 2.5 m and rooms on the second floor have a height of 2 meters and a volume of 200 cubic meters. In this case, the total area is: 300 / 2,5 + 200 / 2 = 120 + 100 = 220 square meters.
To determine how many square feet will take, for example, a refrigerator, as well as in the first case, divide its volume by the height. However, please note that the prices typically indicate the internal volume of the refrigerator (washing machine). Therefore, the number of occupied household appliances meters in practice be more. In addition, the working volume of household appliances is usually indicated in liters or cubic decimeters to be translated to cubic meters.
For translation in cubes (cubic meters) volume, given in liters or cubic decimeters, divide the number of liters (cubic decimeters) per 1000. For example, in a 200-liter barrel fits 200 / 1000 = 0.2 is a cube of water. To convert to cubicmeters cubic Santimeters, divide the number of cubic centimeters by 1,000,000.
If you want to set of the cubes in meters , the cubic capacity of spaces with sloped ceilings attic space, terraces), as the average height use the height of the room. To calculate the average fold height of the ceiling at the high walls and low, and then divide this amount in half.
To convert to meters the amount of any material, for example, boards, pre-verify, in which meters must be translated into square or linear. To translate cubic meters of boards in meters of a square divide the number of cubes on the thickness of the boards, expressed in meters. When translating cubic meters of boards in meters per divide the volume of cubes on the boards to thickness and width of the Board measured in meters.