Ficus benjamina likes consistency: light location, moderate watering and regular spraying the leaves. The lack of light, waterlogged soil, low indoor temperature, drafts, and even watering with cold water can cause abscission of leaves.
After you brought the plant from the store, immediately put it in. Take a pot a bit larger in diameter. Put on the bottom drainage of expanded clay or broken bricks. Sprinkle the soil at 1/3 of the pot.
Prepare the soil as follows: take the prepared soil for figs, mix in equal proportions with garden earth and baking powder. Another good mix for ficus can be composed of leaf soil, humus and peat in the ratio of 2:1:1. Please note that the earth needs to be breathable. Remove the damaged roots, leaves and twigs, slices sprinkle wood ashes. Put the plant in a pot. Add soil and compact it well. Pour warm water supernatant.
A good result after suffering stress makes spraying a solution of Alpin or ecosil. The plant to be comfortable in your house, create him a comfortable environment. Put it in a warm and bright place. Dosvechivat fluorescent lamps.
In summer, the ficus is growing rapidly. Nourish it at this time twice a month complex fertilizers or special fertilizer for figs. Before reaching the age of five is recommended to repot ficus benjamina annually when the container becomes too small. Then, rarely, but you should regularly replace the top layer of soil in the pot, adding fresh soil. Do it when it will have a white crust (salt Deposit).
When growing ficus Benjamin may be some problems. If the leaves appeared brown spots are a signal that the room temperature is too high, or you have overfed it with fertilizer. When excessive irrigation have yellow spots or yellow edge of the sheet. If the leaves are shriveled and dry, so the plant got a sunburn or dry soil. Care for a ficus tree correctly, and it will be many years to delight you with beautiful form and elegant foliage.