You will need
  • 1.5 - 2 meters raincoat fabric or other non-blown fabric, 1.5 - 2 meters of lining fabric or fleece, zip closure, dress gum.
Select a fabric for jackets. You should buy two kind of fabric for the top layer and lining. The main properties of the top layer of the fabric - it should not get wet and be blown. Very good for lining fit fleece. It's warm and not blown, also pleasure to work with him, as when sewing it does not slip. In addition to fabric you'll need a zipper. To determine the length, measure the distance from the throat to the intended end parkas. Purchase dress elastic band so it can fit in the sleeves and the hem of the jackets.
Take the pattern in modern magazines or on the Internet. You can also make it yourself, the thrust of the old sweater the right size. Transfer the details to paper and then on fabric. If you are in doubt about a pattern, try sewing a piece of cheap fabric (calico or calico). Correct defects of the pattern and start sewing with good fabric.
Pattern coats consists of several parts - two paired items of shelves, one back, two sleeves, two parts of the collar and pockets. Duplicate these parts of the lining material. If you want large patch pockets, it is necessary to process their edges and sew to the shelves. The top edge of the pockets can be lightly prisborivat elastic - you will receive an original design and convenience - even the small things won't fall out of this pocket. After that, sew the shelves to the back. Don't forget when sewing Ironing and make the seams softer, but the product is more neat. Stitch the sleeve and then vacate them into the armhole.
Now repeat all these steps from the lining fabric. You can also sew internal hidden pockets. When you sew all the necessary items, turn them inside out and insert in a jacket on the principle of "seam stitches". To the upper layer fits snugly against the lining, can also to stitch in some places - for example, the seams of the side panels, and sleeves. Prepare the collar. To do this, stitch the two parts, and turn out, leaving not stitched place of the neck. Iron the collar. Vacate him, closing the edge as the top layer and the reverse of the fabric. Vsheyte the zipper so that its ends are also left in the collar. Sew everything on the machine, finishing the seam.
Treat the cuffs and hemline windbreaker, paste the gum to a little prisborivat jacket. This will additionally protect you from wind and moisture. Can decorate a jacket decorations, applique or embroidery.