You will need
  • - passport;
  • - INN;
  • - employment history;
  • certificate awarding medals;
  • - the certificate on assignment of an honorary title.
Don't wait till pension age. To get the title "Veteran of labor" and can be up to retirement. Gather the following documents: passport, INN, work book, certificate of awarding medals, the certificate on assignment of an honorary title. If available, bring a certificate of invention, patents for invention, certificates for rationalization proposals and other information that can be taken into consideration by the Commission. If you have a medal "In memory of 850-anniversary of Moscow", then quietly go to make the title of Veteran labor. If you have no awards, titles or state distinctions in the work, then you have still chance to become the Veteran of work. For this workbook you need to have relevant experience: men 45 years, women – 40 years. The originals of these documents please contact the Department of management of social protection at the place of residence or at the place of receipt of social benefits. Make a statement about assignment of a rank "the Veteran of work".
Wait for the decision of assigning you a rank. The decision is normally taken on the day of submission of the application. In case of refusal you will receive a written justification with the reasons and list of documents provided. Take advantage of the benefits provided to the Veteran of work, you will be able only after the appointment of a state pension or reach age, when entitled to old-age pension. For men for 2011 the age – 60 years for women – 55 years.
Contact the parent organization, if you want to refute the denial of the award of the title. Call the district office of social protection of population of Moscow by phone 291-34-78. Here will advise you on this issue and suggest what documents need to bring for consideration of the appeal.