You will need
  • - linseed oil;
  • - paint;
  • - paint brush, spray or roller;
  • - putty;
  • - spatula.
Before starting, clean the floor surface from dirt, dust, grease with a damp cloth. Let it completely dry. This will allow you to achieve best results and reduce paint consumption.
Start painting the floor from the corner, moving gradually to the front door. Cover the floor with varnish or primer. Dry floor for about three days.
After the varnish is completely dry, align the cracks and other defective boards using a spatula, the correct select a tone. Let the composition dry, then treat a small skin. Then again prosopalgia and to drop cloth. Painted and primed the problem areas you need to until the putty will not speak.
Then apply the first coat of paint. To dry the second layer you need for four days. All depends on the quality of the paint. Not that the floor was sticky.
During operation, constantly stir the paint to avoid streaks. That on a floor did not appear bubbles and wrinkles, you need a little shade paint in thin layers. Know that it is better to prevent defects because to fix them would be much harder.
Once dried the final coat of paint, clean the floor with hot water, this way you will give the coating the gloss and remove the excess varnish.