You will need
  • - invoice from the vendor;
  • - the funds.
To pay for the account, of course, you need to have it. Usually, it contains the number of the date, amount and name of payment, e.g. payment for stationery, the recipient's details. It is made in a single copy, which is transmitted to the payer.
Ensure that you have the possibility of cashless RAaccount, you need to open a Bank account in any Bank. After that, make payment on the invoice. The amount and purpose of payment specify, respectively, the received document.
The payment order should be in duplicate, one of which remains in the Bank, the second – is transferred to you. After the payment (it usually takes from one hour to three days) you will be given a statement and the payment document stamped by the Bank. These papers will serve as the confirmation of payment.
Also pay on account you can, without leaving your office. For this you need to install the program Bank-client. The advantages of this program is that it is possible to control the movement of funds independently. The cons is only that you will need to make monthly payments for the use of Bank-client.
If you pay cash, i.e. the cash of the organization, note that the payment amount should not exceed 100 thousand rubles, you should also consider the limit of cash in cash Desk of the organization, which is established by the servicing Bank.
On the basis of accounts compiled by the expendable cash order (form № KO-2). At the base you must write the name of payment, and in the application to specify the number and date of invoice.
You should also consider that the funds are given in trust, that is, if a provider employee came for the cash, it needs to provide you with the power of attorney. His data also need to record the expendable cash order. The document is signed by the head of the organization, the chief accountant and the cashier. After that, the document is recorded in the cash book.