Initially, you need to know the services of any mobile operator enjoys the same person whose whereabouts must be determined. The fact that all companies are various service numbers and rules of their use. By the way, interact only MTS and MegaFon.
The company "Beeline" provides service to search for a subscriber not in all regions. For example, in the far Eastern and Siberian districts, such a function does not work, but the residents of Moscow and Leningrad region you can call the number 06849924 and enter the number of someone you are looking for. If the subscriber gives his consent, you will receive an SMS message with a link to a map and its location. Clicking on it, you will see where at this moment is familiar.
For MTS, the company offered the service "Locator". Take advantage of it by sending an SMS with the number of your friend in service - 6677. Data on the location of the user will come in the form of Internet links, but after prior consent. The cost of sending a request to this number will not exceed 10 roubles. By the way, if the caller is once allowed to know his presence, then his consent is not necessary.
Mobile operator "MegaFon" offers a lot of possibilities on search of its subscribers. For example, some tariff plans this service is available connected for free. For parents to be comfortable rate "Smeshariki", but for the two lovers hearts "Ring-Ding".
Also find user MegaFon is possible in this way: by sending a USSD-request to number *148*number of subscriber you are looking for#, after that will come the link to the map. The company has the ability to search through the Internet, type in the search bar address on the website enter the number of the phone, then on the interactive map will be seen the location of the requested subscriber.