You will need
  • - ultrasonic devices operating on the piezoelectric principle;
  • - set Gonna.
In the first stage, removal of pin is necessary is to loosen its fixation within the tooth. To do this, change the tooth stump so that only the pin protrudes from the root canal. If you need to reduce the size of the cast kultovyh tabs that are from the pin , and add-ons a single complex, prepare coronal part.
Now you need to break the cement. Using ultrasonic installation, which is based on the piezoelectric principle, impact on the pin. The system is to operate at high power.
After 5 – 20 minutes, remove the pin from the root canal. If it is not removed, then at least the retention (retention) is greatly reduced. Factory root rotate the pin counterclockwise using ultrasound.
If the first attempt to remove the pin failed, using ultrasonic nozzle to form a small groove around it. So you can loosen the contact between the channel wall and pin. In addition, when performing this manipulation, there is extra vibration. Now raskatayte the pin and remove it.
When you remove the pin and after ultrasonic treatment does not work, resort to extraction (recovery) pin special tools. Use for extraction of the pin "Gonon" (set Gonna). This system is the most reliable, it consists of tongs and Trepakov. In the field of crowns reducyruet the stump of the tooth so that it was possible to send a trephine.
With the help of a trephine of a certain diameter calibrate the complex add-ons, and pin. On top of the complex will apply the extractor of the same size and rotate it counterclockwise. In this case perform a gentle push in the apical direction. Thread pin zashlifovyvayutsya that leads to exact satisfaction of the crown with the extractor. Serve damper o-rings located on the stem of the extractor.
Install the extractor on the set of pins and add-ons. The extractor – forceps cheeks. When removing the pin support will be the tooth. To reduce the pressure of the steel ring will serve for the distribution of the impact forces on the tooth, and the rubber ring will act as a lining.
Slowly rotate the screw forceps to the disclosure of their wings. Sash squeeze the extractor and allow you to hold the tooth in place. Once the tensile force exceeds the retention force, remove the pin from the root canal. Violation you commit will become obvious by the sudden weakening of the screw tongs and a specific sound.
If the pin is not loosened, loosen the screw and try again. After several unsuccessful attempts, it is advisable to postpone the procedure for another visit.