First of all, decide the age groups. If you want to sell only clothes for babies, the design should be aimed at parents. Children in this store, as a rule, do not take. Count on the fact that pregnant women are the ideal customers. Eye-catching in their body prolactin (the hormone of motherhood) causes them to melt a nice children's things and photos of babies. So make sure to shope was a relaxed atmosphere, the furniture and the walls should be painted in pastel colors, everywhere should be posters with the picture of the kids as well as educational brochures about the benefits of breastfeeding and the diet of expectant mothers.
Another thing, if your main audience is children 4 years and older. There need bright colors and large toys. At that age, guys usually don't respond to pastel colors, so for registration, choose fun shades. To cope with the urchins will help play corner with crayons and coloring books. It would be good to complement the interior soft toys and toy cars. And any breakable or fragile items and sharp corners.
If your store will include clothing for children of all ages need to take care of each client. First, break up the territory for ages. You can make a special plate at the top to the customers was easy to understand. The part for newborns make based on the needs of pregnant women, supply of benches, so you can relax. Department kindergartners make bright, to equip children's play area, limit the arena. School uniforms also take in a special place, make it serious, because it is very important to students to feel that they are adults. Each Department should have a good stand out to buyers are wandering in search of the right products. The dressing is also better to make a separate for each part. Newborn fitting is not needed here except that you can put a changing table for those who came in the store with the baby.