For starters, you definitely need to take a sober look at the situation and understand what makes you be with this person. If the need for sharp sensations by secret meetings, you should do some extreme sport. You will be able to receive a portion of adrenaline you need, for example, jumping with a parachute or flooring in a kayak on a mountain river.
If you understand that holds you close with a married man regular habit since quite a long time Dating him, you should understand that the habit, not the need for independent human phenomenon. In order to move on with my life (start a family, have children), you need to be free and to be in search of its second half. So it is necessary to sharply change the situation and break these hopeless relationships.
Try telling a married man about your break-up, not to think some time about it. To do this, you need to aim to frequent the society: meet friends, go to disco, to get involved with something interesting, for example, to start horseback riding lessons or enroll in a fitness club.
In the end, upload yourself to the max at work: perform all pending cases, ask about overtime at the head. It is possible to start a home remodeling and all the nights to spend in search of beautiful knickknacks for your apartment.
To make it easier to survive the first difficult days after the decision about the breakup, you can take the ticket and go to some exotic country. A lot of impressions that you get from the trip will enable you with smaller losses to get out of this situation.
In addition, during the trip you can tie a romantic relationship with a more worthy Challenger. And easy, no strings attached holiday romance in this period will not be superfluous.
Learn to appreciate yourself, your freedom, build plans for the future, and you will have enough strength to break up with a married man.