Remittances worldwide is Western Union. Their offices can be found in almost every town; most of the post offices in Russia are branches of this company. Transfer via Western Union can be up to $ 5,000 or the equivalent in another currency – usually the currency valid in the country you're sending money. Money transfer company Western Union is only possible between individuals. To send money you need to show your passport or any other identity document valid on the territory of the Russian Federation. If you send foreign currency (e.g. euros in Europe), you will need to provide a certificate confirming the exchange of the ruble to the Euro, or a customs Declaration. So, to perform a money transfer to Europe, in any branch of Western Union submit your identity document, fill in a brief questionnaire about the recipient of the money, name the country and the city in which you want to send the necessary amount. Western Union accepts cash only and issue money. The operator will give you a MTCN number (the control number of money transfer). Save it and your receipt about the money transfer. Tell the recipient your name, room NAC (in some countries it is mandatory to receive a money transfer). Upon presentation of identity document, he will get sent to him the money. To know that the money transfer is made, you can on the website of the company Western Union, by going to the "Status of translation" and entering in the appropriate box the number of the NAC.
Make an urgent transfer of money to Europe , you can use MoneyGram services. The branches of this company can be found in the offices of banks-partners, for example, Sberbank, ROSBANK, Raiffeisen Bank, Master-Bank. For translation only accepts cash money. Tell the MoneyGram agent the cash ID cards. In some cities you can request a confirmation of place of residence, for example, a Bank account or a utility bill. Along with the free money you can deliver a written message consisting of 10 words. When transferring funds, you will receive an identification number. Communicate it to the recipient. Upon presenting the identity document, and quoting the ID number, your European friend can get cash within 10 minutes.