Refer to search for the services that you will find in a large number of pages of the global Internet. Sites that offer up to take only mobile phones of different operators, but also to determine the location of the subscriber present in great abundance.
Remember that you can become a victim of fraud and being cheated during the transaction. Most often you are asked to send an SMS message to a short number to gain access to the information you need. The cost of such SMS, as a rule, not large. In fact, after sending SMS from your account will remove much more and mobile go far beyond the mark of zero. Claims to be present, of course, not to anyone.
Punch mobile phone at the point of payment of cellular services. For this you need to know that when you replenish your account through your cell phone, the Manager sees your personal data, that you do the same and indicated in the contract with the provider of cellular services. Go to "military" trick and figure out how to find out from the Manager of the salon the information you need. The result will depend on your ability to bluff well. If you do not say anything, do not worry. Feel free to go to another payments and try there. In some of them you just get lucky.
Punch mobile number through database operators. Such database can be found on the artisanal CDs bought at one of the markets of electronics in Moscow. The cost is certainly not small, but the rooms you can break not one, but indefinitely.
Find a friend in law enforcement and try to find the necessary information through them. They have a right to know any information about the subscriber, the operator of cellular communication. Though not in personal gain, which makes this method not very legitimate. But if you are determined, then go ahead.