One of the most important factors influencing the quality of communication Internet telephony - speed Internet connection. In the event of its failure to maintain a connection, during a call, starting to see delays, or a complete "failures" of sound. The best way to improve communication is to subscribe to the more expensive and high-speed rate. However, if this is not possible, the connection can be optimized somewhat increased his speed. To do this during a call, close all programs that consume or otherwise traffic. This can be the torrent clients, download managers, online radios and browsers that browse streaming video. Reducing the load on the channel to significantly improve communication in Skype.
In addition to Internet connection Skype also requires a computer's performance. The program indicates that from the linku have problems directly in the chat window with the indicator in the form of several strips. If the performance of the computer starts to miss Skype informs about it with a special message. In order to solve this problem, close the program, the need for which is not at the moment. If you use a laptop - plug it into the mains, this will help to increase productivity. To solve the problem radically by purchasing a more powerful computer, or upgrading to more modern components old.
Also check the operation of headphone and microphone used for communication in Skype. This can be done using them in other programs, such as listening to music or trying to record something in audio recorder. If sound quality is low - fix it or purchase a new device, reproduction or reception of sound.