You will need
  • • to pay the state duty;
  • • write a statement.
Pay the state fee in the prescribed amount. In the name of the payment specify: "the state Duty for the registration of residence in the residence". Banking details find out in the territorial division of the FMS of Russia.
Contact bodies of the Federal migration service of Russia at the place of your residence within the prescribed period. With them you must be: a document proving your identity and citizenship, receipt of payment of registration fee and your current view of the residence with all the necessary markings on the registration and re-registration at the place of residence.
The circulation period may be extended for a valid reason (sickness, while in the business trip, etc.). The presence of this cause must be documented.
Write a statement about the renewal of the permit for residence in the established pattern. To extend the validity of the view of the residence of a foreign citizen may until the end of validity of the document proving his identity, but not more than 5 years. Stateless views of residency extends for 5 years. The number of extensions of the validity period of the residence permit, the law is not limited.
Wait until all the necessary checks. Will check information about you the records of law enforcement, security, bailiff service, in bodies of social security and health care, tax authorities, etc. If no reason for cancellation is not found, the results of this test a decision will be made on extending you the permit for residence. Otherwise you will be denied.
Receive notification of the decision. In case of refusal, you will receive a written notice with the grounds for refusal. This refusal may be challenged in pre-trial and in court.
In the case of a decision on the extension you permit on residency, on page 9-12 Blanca will be made relevant note, signed by the head of the territorial body of the FMS of Russia and seal.