If you all are trying to understand and see the psychological underpinnings of human behavior, to identify patterns hidden behind the facade of phenomena, you are a man of Water, natural esoteric. A characteristic feature of this archetype is the use of speaking specific language, he loves to operate professional terminology, and to use such turns as: "if you know", "sort of". The water has a sense of elitism, which low natures is expressed in arrogance and conceit. At a high level, his elitism accompanied by a sense of responsibility and awareness of the importance of his actions.
The Man of the Earth the motto "I work!", he may verbally recognize the subtle matter, but in reality believes only in material things. He often takes responsibility and is similar to the nurse that handed child. She doesn't care who his parents and as he grows up, its task – to feed and wash him. Man-Land is more interested in deeds and actions, than the laws and the reasons behind them. He doesn't like abstract words, his speech is always positive, likes to use the words "which", "this". Abstract thinking and the perception of him quite inaccessible, therefore, reconsidering, he seeks to concretize unclear and often gives it a completely different meaning, not the one that was originally founded.
Man of Fire prophet, the symbol of his elements song, it's calling to fight the tube. He feels himself the bearer of the Supreme will, providing connection between the fine matter and the material world. This archetype is fanaticism. Among them are many priests and preachers taking the responsibility to broadcast the rest of the will of the Supreme deity. By the nature of its activities Fire Man like a car with a strong ignition system. If it works, it will be a lot of sound and visual effects, but without the engine (Earth) this car is nowhere he will not go. The people of this archetype is not critical, especially belonging to the low level of development.
The motto of Human Air can be considered the realization of a summing up, its main genres are the report and confession. He likes to use a global or integrated characteristics, in his speech, no specifics, but has pretensions to wisdom. Among them many journalists, those involved in the surveys, collect information, accumulate and Refine it to provide the authorities and the public.