If the photo film, and translate it in digital format is not planned, apply the text at the stage of contact or projection printing. Take the transparency film for your printer (it should match the printer type). Print marked in bold font size 14. If you plan to affix on a lot of different photos, print all labels on a single sheet of film. After printing, cut labels.
In the course of printing in the light of the laboratory lamp and the red filter of the enlarger put the inscription on the film on the image area in the upper or lower part of the image (but not in the middle), which on the negative is light (but on the positive it is dark). Press film to the glass paper, after which make the usual print cycle, developing and fixing. The text will turn white on a black background.
When photographing with a mobile phone if it has a graphical editor open after shooting a photo in it. Select the Text tool, enter text, choose its position, size and color, confirm the operation, then save the. If you want to leave the original file unchanged, save make new.To make text with drop shadow, apply twice, first one colour, then with a slight shift, others.
On the computer for drawing the textand photo use the graphical editor, with which you are familiar. Open the file with the image, in the toolbar, select the Text tool. Unlike the telephone, the computer, you must first choose the size, color and font style, and label position, and only then enter the text. If you are using GIMP editor, after applying the textand do the "Image" - "flatten image". Then save the file. In the same way as in the previous case, to leave the original image unchanged, save make to a new file.
If you are not able to use any graphic software to overlay texton the photo and use the online service, the link to which is given at the end of the article.