Look closely at the tags on the pants. If they are present the icon of the crossed-out containers, wash these pants do not, can only dry clean. The icon of a hand immersed in a bowl of water, suggests that this product must not be used machine washable. In addition, when washing and soaking, the water temperature should not exceed 40 degrees. Pressing this product is also impossible.
If you wash the pants you can still remove everything in your pockets, fasten with a zipper and buttons. Lay the pants in the tub, spreading along the entire length.
Wet the product with water by using a shower without closing the drain. The bath water should not be collected.
Then sprinkle pants detergent for wool and delicate fabrics or RUB ordinary household soap.
Take a brush for clothes. Better to use a special brush with fibers of nylon. Carefully and slowly wipe the entire surface of the fabric of the pants and the front and rear.
Especially carefully treat the garment with a brush belt and a cloth around the pockets and bottom of pant legs. They accumulate the basic pollution, and therefore these places need to pay more attention.
Express pants for 20-25 minutes so the detergent was removed persistent pollution.
Once again apply the pants brush and rinse with clean water.
Hang the pants over the bath for the hook. Pressing them in any case is not necessary.
When the bulk of the water has drained, the product need to stretch and move on the balcony, and hang not legs, but only for the belt.