Rate the effectiveness of the use of associated transportation specifically for your company. An important point to understand is the fact that the passing load may be transported to a time when the empty transport were forced to move after the implementation of the primary Tr. If your business such situations occur regularly, feel free to choose such a way to optimize traffic.
Estimate what the associated cargo weight and size to transport your vehicle. Associated cargo can be economically beneficial even if a portion of your cargo space of your car will be unoccupied.
Consider some of the main points of the route you will be able to take a passing load. The preferred if the goods you can obtain at the end point of the planned route and take him to the place where is located your transport company. But this situation may not always meet. Therefore, we consider also the possibility of some deviation from the route, having considered, of course, the economic feasibility of such changes.
Find out whether the return transportation of goods to the enterprise in which you make scheduled transportation. In this case, it is much easier to agree on the price issue and ensure reliability for more mutually beneficial cooperation.
Find some specialized Internet portals, providing information services in the field of transportation. As a rule, the websites of such companies have relevant sections, allowing you to find a passing load on your way and make a request. In most cases doing so requires at least registering on the website. It would be ideal if the information resource has built-in tools for logistics analysis of counter-offers.
Don't neglect the national transport when in a selected direction to transport the transported goods of small size from different customers. The transport must make Shuttle routes in selected areas.