You will need
  • - a piece of fabric;
  • - graph paper;
  • - the range;
  • - gon;
  • - nylon mesh;
  • pencil;
  • - scissors;
  • - sewing machine;
  • - needle;
  • - thread in the color of the fabric.
Calculate the approximate size of the bow. If you are going to use leftover fabric count, so you can cut out 2 identical wide rectangle for the bow, 2 strips narrower and longer for all the square about 2 times smaller than the width of the basic rectangles for the site. Remember to add 1 cm for allowances.
Details it is better to first draw on paper. Draw them on the ruler and carefully observe the perpendicular sides. Cut parts and draw them on the fabric. Arrange them so that the lobe filament coincides with the length of the part. If the fabric is plaid or striped, check the compatibility drawing.
The manufacturer of the bow. Baste the mesh to the wrong side of the fabric close to the edges. Fold the fabric across the face, sew the long sections, leaving the middle open area length of 10 cm for "lightning". Lay the seam in the middle, Ratatouille allowances. Sew short cuts. Cut off the corners, remove the bow on the front side via a sewn seam, priutyuzhte. Sew the open area with a hidden seam.
Put on a nylon mesh next to 2 of the rectangle is intended for the bow, face up. They must lie next to, adjoining long slices. Baste the netting to the outer edges of both rectangles and their short cuts. Fold the details right sides together. Sew long sections, leaving one hole in the center. The length should be approximately half the size of the slice.
Flatten the stitched parts so that a long seam lay strictly in the middle. Ratatouille allowances. Iron bow. Sew short cuts. Corners cut, the fabric is not bristled. Remove the product on the front side through the hole. The holes priutyuzhte allowances to wrong side. Sew the hole hidden seam.
Make the ends of the bow. Fold one of the strips in half for equity, face inward. Sew the long cut. Put the strip so that the seam was in the middle. Ratatouille allowances. Think you're done with the bottom end of the bow. You can just grind down the short cut and twist detail on the front side. In the middle of the bottom seam to make the vertex of the angle, and from it novel 2 oblique lines smoothed to the sides. In this case, attrocity angle, trim the excess fabric, and then remove the strip on the front side. So do the same with the other end of the bow.
Square intended for the node, fold in half face inward. Sew the long cut. Lay the knot in the same way as you did with the other parts. Ratatouille allowances. Remove the node and priutyuzhte the middle of the sides.
Bow probarte. Prostrochite it in the middle across 2 times, setting the machine to maximum stitch length. Tighten the thread and secure the ends.
Mid ruched bow wrap strip that you did for the site. Spread the site so he closed the place. On the back of the bow, tuck the slices of the node. Sew their seam "over the edge". A few invisible stitches to attach the node to the Bantu. Special attention to the edges of the site, it is possible to make a few stitches on each side.
The end of the bow fold in half lengthwise. Baste open edges. Do the same with the second strip. A little structure sections. Staple the top edge between them with a few stitches to the strips were at an angle. Both parts baste to the back of the bow and sew. Keep the top sections were on the same level as the edge node.