In order to calculate the average salary , you first need to determine the estimated period for which the calculation is executed. In accordance with the Labour legislation, the settlement period is taken in twelve calendar months preceding the payment period. For example, if an employee takes a vacation in September of the current year, the calculated period is taken from September previous year to August of the current year.
Added up the wages for twelve months. Of the amounts received exclude payments of financial assistance. Bonuses and rewards, as well as various payments of compensatory character provided for in the enterprise collective agreement must be taken into account accrued for the billing period.
Defines the number of days worked in the payroll period. If the period worked out in full, the number of working calendar days taken on the report card.
Calculated average daily earnings. For this accrued salary payment for twelve months divide by 12 and by the average number of calendar days 29.4. Multiply the result by the number of days in the calculation period and the resulting average earnings. Thus, it is possible to calculate the average wages for the payroll period that was worked out completely.
In that case, if in the calculation period in fact was worked out, not all days, then you should calculate the number of working days in the incomplete month. For this the average number of calendar days 29.4 divided by the total number of calendar days in the current month and multiply by the number of calendar days worked in a given month. And so we expect the number of actual days in each month, which was not fully worked out.
Calculated average daily salary. To do this, to the average number of calendar days 29.4 multiplied by the number of full calendar months, add the number of days in the partial calendar months. Next, the accrued salary for twelve months divided by the result obtained. So we assume an average salary for the payroll period that was not worked out completely.