Every TV channel has its own transmission frequency. On your TV you can find the right by manually turning telecasted. Also you can make automatic configuration if this option is on your TV.
To find the TV channel at the TV manually, turn on the TV and press the "Menu" button on the remote control or on the TV. The screen will show the features available for installation.
By pressing the button "Up / Down" click "Installation of programs". On some TVs this submenu entitled simply "Choice".
At the bottom of the screen the bar appears with the slider. Click "Right to Left" start moving the slider. Passing on a scale, it scans the frequencies available on your TV.
As soon as you will see on the screen is crisp and colorful image of a program, lock it with the function "Save" and give it a specific number on the TV remote for convenience.
Continue to scroll through the program until you configure all possible. Find TV channel on satellite TV will help special tools for the job, i.e. a special program of so-called virtual TV. This program allows you to find satellite channels, generate a list of them, to divide them into thematic groups