You will need
  • Software OpenOffice.
Open the program by double-clicking the left mouse button on the program's shortcut on the desktop or click the start menu, under All programs, select OpenOffice.
To open any text document, click the top menu "File" select "Open". In the opened window specify the path to the file and press Enter.
Depending on which part of the document you want to display numbering (top or bottom), you should choose the appropriate value of the header (top or bottom). Click the menu "Insert" and browse to your document type header.
Press the left mouse button on the field header, click the menu "Insert", select "Fields", select "page Number".
In the window "Edit field", you can assign the displayed header and footer (page numbering). If you want to change the format of pages, for example, to change Arabic numerals to Roman, and double-click the left mouse button on "page Numbers" and select the appropriate value. Click "OK" to close this window.
To change the style of page numbers (to specify the font, highlighting color, etc.), highlight the value of the header or footer on the first page and use the formatting toolbar.
Some documents begin with a title page, the numbering of which is strictly prohibited. To cancel the display of the footer on the first page, place the cursor on the first or footer, click menu "Format" and select "Styles".
In the opened window click the "page Styles" (image double page) and double click on the line "First page".
Re-test any numbering on the title page: if not, therefore, the cursor wasn't set in box in the footer of the first page. Retry the operation again by clicking on the header of the title page. Now you only have to save the document clicking the "File" menu and clicking "Save".