Advice 1: How to correct eyebrow shape

Changing only the shape of the eyebrowscan make the face much more expressive. There are several ways to adjust the shape of the eyebrows – from mild to radical.
If you have thick eyebrows, they can self-pluck using tweezers. Take a pencil, lay it on the line from wing of nose to inner corner of the eye, and then to the outside. Thus you'll get two points – the beginning and end of the eyebrow. No need to pull out the hairs in the growth lines of the eyebrows and above the limit to those that grow under the eyebrow. To pull out the hairs you should use clean tweezers in bright light, preferably at bedtime or at least for an hour or two before leaving the house, to the area around the eyebrows are not swollen. To reduce pain, put on eyebrow cold compress. After plucking wipe the skin with an alcoholic tonic. Be sure to remove the hairs from the nose – unibrow old face. Never shave your hairs.
If eyebrows are thin and rare, they can be painted on with a special pencil. Well sharpen it, apply short, thin strokes and then blend them with a cotton swab. Blonde and fit brunette crayons of different shades of brown and gray colors, black pencil for eyebrows , you can only use brunettes.
In recent times it has become a popular permanent makeup eyebrows. In essence, it's a tattoo that simulate real eyebrows, is performed in specialized shops. Tattoo lasts a lot longer than any other type of correction of eyebrows – a few years. If such a radical method concerns you have, you can use chemical color eyebrows at home or in the salon. Dyes for eyebrows kept in the middle for about a month. Do not paint the eyebrows the same color that you dye your hair – first, the risk of skin reactions, and secondly, the color on the hair and the eyebrows may look different.

Advice 2: How to adjust eyebrow

Beautiful and correctly outlined the shape of the eyebrows gives the girls charm and unique charm, make eyes more expressive and open. Therefore, you should regularly adjust the eyebrows and remove excess hair.
You will need
  • - headband;
  • - tweezers;
  • - alcohol;
  • - almond oil;
  • - a cotton swab;
  • pencil;
  • - witch hazel extract.
To start, gather your hair and get under the bandage so that the bangs did not fall on the eyes. Rinse all cosmetics off the face, prepare the mirror and the tweezers with beveled edges, which must be disinfected in an alcohol solution.
To adjust the eyebrows should be in the evening or on a weekend when you do not need to leave your home. To ease the process and make it less painful, make a nourishing mask on the eyebrows: slightly heat the almond butter and moisten cosmetic discs, apply on the eyebrows and leave it on for fifteen minutes. After this process is practically painless and won't leave red marks.
To determine the perfect shape of your eyebrows, apply a pencil vertically to the corner of the eye and the wing of nose. The beginning is at the intersection of the pencil with browney line, a distance of approximately one centimeter from the inner corner of the eye to the nose. All the hairs close to the nose – unnecessary, remove them with tweezers. Arched eyebrows make the nose longer and visually closer to the eye.
Pull out the hairs one by one (do not take the tweezers several pieces), fast and sharp movements in the direction of growth, i.e. to the temple. Every hair grab closer to the base. To determine the bend point, place the pencil from the wing of the nose through the pupil of the eye. The intersection of the pencil and the eyebrow defines the highest point. After the brow should gently descend to the temple and to narrow.
To determine the end of the eyebrow ground the wing of the nose, outer corner of the eye pencil. The intersection of the pencil and browney line will be the end point of the eyebrow. Carefully remove all the excess hairs on the bottom edge.
When you have removed all the excess hairs, take a look in the mirror and make sure that the eyebrows are adjusted equally. If there is redness and a little swelling, treat skin with a cotton swab dipped in witch hazel extract, which has anesthetic and antiseptic properties.
Useful advice
Light eyebrows can be laid special color gels – this will make them not only more vivid but also more obedient, will fix form.
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