You will need
  • - needle,
  • - hot water,
  • - means for disinfecting wounds.
Most of the pains appear in the fingers, hands and feet. To facilitate the process of pulling out the skin on the damaged part must be pre-steam. For this is enough for 10 minutes to dip your finger in warm water. If during this time sit still, the child can not, you can try a warm compress. At an early age children are afraid of such procedures, so it is best to get the pain together, when one adult holds on his knees the baby, and the limb, and produces a second manipulation of the needle. If you turn the procedure into a game, the original "removing a splinter" from the foot toy bear or dog, the child will be less scary.
Steaming the skin helps to balance the pain. When the skin is steamed out, before you pull the splinter from the child, you need to prepare disinfectants. If the tip of the splinter protrudes above the skin, can only with the help of forceps to get her out. If all the pain hidden under the skin, you have to resort to the use of needles. Should be treated with alcohol or hydrogen peroxide, and then easily pry the edge of the skin where splinter or sliver. In the future, the foreign body is removed with tweezers or fingernails. You must act confidently, because of risk of splitting splinters into small pieces. In this case, to get her will be much harder.
An equally important aspect of how to get a splinter from the child, is the treatment of the wound. It is carried out with hydrogen peroxide or a solution of brilliant green. You can use iodine or other modern medicines. This allows to avoid possible inflammation. If a small wound, to bandage it is not necessary. However, if the pain was great, to prevent contact with bacteria can hide it with plaster or bandage.