You will need
  • - computer with Internet access;
  • browser.
Create an empty sample for the websiteand with minimal visual design and no text. Register to your website, on free hosting, for example, In the field "login" enter the value by which you will define the system. The login should be more than 4 symbols and contain only Latin letters and numbers. In the field e-mail enter your mailbox will receive a service message, passwords. A few times, check whether you entered the address. Tick the "Give me blog (website)". Click "Next". In the Domain field, enter the name (future address) of your website. Think about it. The domain name must contain at least four characters. In the Title field websiteand enter the title of your future website. It can be changed. In the option "Privacy" to hide the site from search engines. Next, click on "Register".
Click on the link that comes in your mail to make a website for free in Ukraine. Go to the administration panel, click "appearance". Select the theme for the website. Later in the section "Widgets" add a widget "Main menu" and "Navigation". Create widget "Pages". Go to "Recording", add one in each category. Go to "Pages" click Edit on the about page. Here change the page name, add the desired text in the text box and click "Update". Next, add a new page, arrange it the same way. Complete so website information.
Go to "appearance". To change the theme, select it, press "Activate". Go to "Widgets". They help to better focus on websiteE. For example, "Search" allows you to find the information you need. Select and activate the desired widgets to the website.