You will need
  • - optional: a computer, scanner, flash drive or CD/DWD disk recorder;
  • - optional: shredder;
  • - optional: wrapping paper, Scotch tape;
  • - optional: place to burn paper.
Select the ultimate way of getting rid of photos. They can be as physical destruction of images and their transfer on permanent storage (e.g., relatives).
Prepare for the process of getting rid of old photos. Prepare mentally. Decide firmly that you will. Promise yourself that you will not regret the committed act. Prepare technically and organizationally. Select the place and time of the event. Prepare shredder, computer, scanner, storage media, wrapping paper or bags, etc. in Advance, find and collect together all the photos.
Select the images that you get rid of. Sort photos by selecting those who will have to disappear from your life. Again, review the selected photos. Make sure that you just never want to see them again.
If possible, save digital copies of photos. In the absence of firm confidence in the actions performed or if you have the desire to convey the information contained in old photos to the descendants, it makes sense to transfer images to digital media. Scan the photos in high resolution. Save the image received from the scanner, in formats without losing quality (raw, bmp, png) or jpg with high quality compression. Record the image files on storage media for subsequent long-term storage. As media can play CD and DWD drives, flash drives, etc.
Get rid of old photos. Produce physical destruction of images, either securely pack them and pass on the possession of the Trustee.