Advice 1: How to get rid of gnats

Gnats appear in the case that you have bathed in flowers, spoiled fruits or vegetables. They multiply with great speed, and after a few hours instead of a couple pieces will fly a swarm of midges. To get rid of it in just a couple of days.
You will need
  • insecticide;
  • - the bottle;
  • Bank;
  • - a sheet of paper;
  • - plastic Cup;
  • - food film;
  • - a thick needle;
  • vacuum cleaner.
Get the reason for the emergence of midges. If it is rotten food, you throw them away. Normal vegetables and fruits store in a closed cool place.
Filled with flowers in the warm season move to the balcony and don't water until then, until the earth in the pots will not dry out. If the balcony is cold, then pour in the ground of any insecticide: Basudin, Thunder-2, etc.
If you have Pets, regularly wash their bowls. Uneaten food throw away or put in the fridge.
Sometimes gnats can fly out the window from the neighbors or from the cellars. In this case, you will help mosquito net on the Windows.
Do not leave on the table cups with water, wipe the tables, utensils, the sink. Move all sponges, cloths and sponges. You have to limit insect access to water because without it their livelihoods impossible.
Take a bottle, put into it from orange peel, piece of bread or any other, attracting midges product. Once in the bottle will accumulate a large number of flies, close it and throw it away. If you feel sorry to throw a bottle, then submerge it under water and open. Gnats float to the surface. Pour the water with gnats in drains.
Pour in a bottle of juice or juice. Take a sheet of paper funnel and insert it into the neck of the bottle. The gnats will fly into the bottle through a small hole, attracted by the smell, and depart from him.
Take a plastic Cup, put a piece of food. Close the Cup with cling film. Make thick needle the holes in the film. The principle of the method is similar to the previous. After filling the glass insects just pop on it. Perhaps not all the flies die from shock, so the glass is throw it in the trash on the street.
Cast of flies with a vacuum cleaner. Throw away the bag to collect dust immediately after turning off the cleaner while the gnats do not "come to himself" and did not depart from it.

Advice 2: How to get rid of lice

Summer. Great time. Comes the holidays, and gardeners-fans. A weekend drive out of town, relax in nature, eat barbeque, swim. Others spend the summer in his garden and orchard, and give all of myself to this wonderful pastime - growing vegetables, berries and fruits.

And each of those who at least once rested in the summer in the nature, knows firsthand what gnats, and some of them harm.

So how to get rid of pesky midges?

First, you need to understand the reason for the appearance of these insects. There are several reasons:

1. Tall grass.

2. The availability and abundance of water.

3. A variety of biodegradable wastes.

You need to decide what the root cause in your case, and then to find a way how to get rid of lice.

In the first case, natural will be to mow all the grass. But the problem of insects, it is unlikely to eliminate completely, as gnats will fly from the neighboring properties. Currently, the market offers a variety of chemicals, drugs, get rid of flies and other insects, but as practice shows, these funds have short character and grabs them quite a while.

In a second embodiment, will be more difficult with those who flies caught off guard on your own site. To get rid of excess water hard, almost impossible, when you consider that moisture is necessary for plant growth.

If you are resting, you can try to choose a location that is away from bodies of water.

In the third case, when the source of the insect is waste, everything is much easier. It is necessary to remove the source. But I can assure you, the reason of emergence of midges are extremely rare, unlike the first two.

In summing up, let's make the following conclusion. How to get rid of gnats for some time you know all thanks to the great commercials. Is different chemicals. Their life is short, but effective.

You can try to lead your site in order to remove excess debris, constantly mow a grass, to avoid excess moisture). Most likely, in the aggregate, this will give a positive result and you have to get rid of lice.

Is the advice useful?